Presents: Down The Rabbit Hole, A Unity Game

The objective of the game is to travel through the maze and find the magic keys to unlock the Door on the other end of the maze. Unlike your typical maze, Down The Rabbit Hole is similar to a platform game where you have to jump over obstacles and search for the key. We incorporated face detection with Google's Cloud vision API so that we could render our face on each new character using a simple webcam photo (As if we were really pplaying in-game!).

How We came up with it:

Neither of us has ever built a game in unity, so we researched many hours on what kind of game we wanted to play. After attending the workshop "Construct Game Design w/ @Melody", we thought it would be awesome if we created a labryinth or maze in which we used face recognition to create a 3D character.

Effort we put in:

We spent alot of time researching Unity games and researching cool APIs we could maybe use to implement this maze game to make it a little weird. We ended up spending alot of time finding the best way to implement facial recognition and using google cloud to implement some of the code built in python. IN the game, we automatically turn on the camera, snap a photo, then send the image to google cloud storage which we then manipulated the image and called the api so that we could get co-ordinates to implement on the character's face. We Also implemented two levels in the game, so once you complete the first level, you will start the second one. When

What We Learned:

We learned that game design is not easy. We learned more about collaborating in github and utilizing Visual Studio COde to collaborate while we code, which we though was a cool feature. We learned that rendering pixels on an image is not an easy feat and it can be difficult when the variables are every changing like everyones unique face.

Originality Factor:

Our game is pretty original in the fact that it is utilizing facial recognition to build part of the character and that in the labryinth, you have to find a key to acces th final door, otherwise you ae stuck!

Room for Improvement:

We believe that with a few more hours, we would have been able to have a fully-rendered face using the facial recgnition API.

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