The World Economic Forum has published a blog post highlighting the contributions that drones have made in the fight against COVID-19 , Using Drones to Fight Coronavirus” brings out the contributions made by drone in an environment where limiting human-to-human contact is of paramount importance

What it does

Our system (Dovid-x) is perform a medical analysis by using drones without human-to-human contact – which minimizes the risk for both the doctor and the normal persons. SYSTEM CONSISTS:
Ambulance or movable lab , Scanning quad , Sterilized quad(option) , Mobile application

How I built it

 When ambulance come to a specific street, the operator inside ambulance get out the scanning quad copter towards houses by camera in SC- quad copter to start scanning people in this street.  Scanning quad copter carrying 10 small boxes inside it, each box contain scanning tools for medical analysis (PCR analysis material or analysis material for American test which the latest technology in world that can show you results in 5 minutes) for one person, each box have number for this box (1,2,3,…) , by motors in quad copter operator will move the required number box to the person , and person will open our mobile application and input his data as name ,address, age ,… and the application transfer it to QR code this QR code will scanning by QR scan device in this quad copter to save all data in memory of quad copter and save it with box number which arrive to this person ( SC-quad copter can carry payload 1 KG , if one box weight 100 gram , then SC-quad copter can carry 10 boxes every time.  SC-quad copter start to take photo for this person, make thermal temperature check for this person by IR camera and save temperature with saved data, then this person will make blood analysis still operator watching by camera on quad copter then quad copter fly to other person to do this process again , now required from person how take box which content medical analysis scanning material (PCR test material) using this material to perform analysis for himself ,will using our mobile application to know this test analysis method by Explanatory videos or can connect face to face to doctors to explain all steps and notes, then after finish this analysis test take back again all material to same box ,, he will left his box on the window and the SC-quad copter will collect it again by magnets.  After SC-quad copter arrive all box to 10 person and all person finish mention steps quad copter will return again to collect all boxes.  After that SC-quad copter will go to the ambulance enter sterilization device
 Operator will replace old 10 boxes with new 10 boxes to start a new scanning.  When finish scanning for all street sent this boxes sent to lab by ambulance to check results positive or negative for covid-19 infection and sent results for person by our mobile application.  For positive infection will record in database of our application of covid-19 patients to can Restrict places of covid-19  When find positive infection for Covid-19, will send sterilized quad copter to the house of infected person and starting to sterilizes the house by using UV waves generated by sterilized quad.  Then doctor can decide what action can take forward infected person
 Our drone can delivery any medical tools and living requirements to infected person and our application helps doctor connect with infected person.

Challenges I ran into

Generate a new idea that helps fight covid_19 effectively, especially with the shortage of hospitals and laboratory laboratories for injuries.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The action of a whole system that does not depend on humans to reduce the interaction between patients and the doctor, which helps to reduce the spread of virus covid _19

What I learned

Relying on technology, programming and drone to solve global crises

What's next for DOVID_X

We now have the idea and strive to implement the idea and implement the final product

Built With

  • application
  • ardiuno
  • drones
  • mobile
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