We know many people who are interested in investing in the stock market but don't know where to begin They often suffer many losses due to misleading information found online. This is where Dovevest was born. We are the Doves of information. The Messengers. Significance, integrity and convenient deliverance are at our core.

What it does

At its inception, DoveVest was created in order to bridge the gap between novice investors and the stock market. Today, it’s a worldwide platform with the ability to assist new investors with the decisions necessary to have a positive return on their investment. Users can quickly see whether a stock is a good buy based off of how our system returns the results. We use some of today’s fastest technologies in order to quickly scan and identify important data, actions, and interactions between users online.

How we built it

What we used: Google Natural Language API Bootstrap BeautifulSoup Google Firebase Scrapy Twilio Yahoo Finance Github

Challenges we ran into

Just like many other projects, Dovevest started as an idea to solve a common problem. Our team decided to pursue something that was challenging yet rewarding. None of us have ever had any experience with Twilio API, Google Firebase, or Google Natural Language API. Our greatest challenges focused around getting our whole system to flow as originally designed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In such a short time, we have been able to build a working prototype. We have built something that we are all personally proud of and we have decided to continue the project even after the hackathon ends.

What we learned

Google Natural Language API Bootstrap Google Firebase Scrapy Twilio

What's next for Dovevest

Dovevest will expand it's current approach to convenient and reliable information to scrape broader along the web and more efficiently. Our team will continue the project and will include a section for cryptocurrency. We are also working on a search function that allows you to figure out if any company's stock is a good buy. For example, you can type "Amazon", and the system will return the proper results.

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