What it does

It's a 1v1 replica of the game DouShouQi. The game revolves around managing 8 pieces, some with special attributes and some without. Additionally, these pieces are arranged in a hierarchy to capture each other in an order. However, the piece that is the highest on the hierarchy cannot capture the piece that is the lowest on the hierarchy. These pieces with special attributes gives the piece specific advantages when maneuvering around the map. The main goal is to capture the opponent's home base or den.

How we built it

We split into teams with design and functionality as the main two. We used freeglut with openGL for graphics, and designed the game keeping a very defined object-oriented state system. This was originally to allow for us to easily build an AI for this task, though we ran out of time before being able to properly implement it.

Challenges we ran into

Minor issues causing large slowdowns, such as small elusive bugs. These were hard to debug, even with proper debugging tools, due to the convolution of freeglut.

What we learned

It's probably a good idea to use most of the given time at a hackathon i.e. don't go home.

What's next for DouShouQi, The Jungle Game

Implementing it's AI, this would be done using the working memory toolkit. This would make it a reinforcement learning based machine learning algorithm, which we would be able to play against itself, and have it learn how to play the game efficiently.

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