Data bounty platforms are apps where data consumers can request data they need and set the price they are wiling to pay for it. This is totally opposite to the value proposition of traditional data marketplaces. By putting a bounty for. a given task, users can save efforts to collect needed data from various sources. Considering that everything is public and available on the internet. This would easily take days if not weeks. No to forget, there is definitely an opportunity cost in terms of time and effort.

What it does

Dounty is a data bounty marketplace where bounty poster can post bounty with a reward in OCEAN tokens. Bounty Workers can then fulfil this bounty by publishing bounty work onto this bounty dapp built on Ocean Protocol and asking Bounty Posters to purchase their work. Once Poster consumes some worker's work, they pay them pre-agreed bounty reward in OCEAN.

What's next for Dounty - a data bounty marketplace

1) Add support for payment via other coins 2) Add support for 3box profiles

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