The Works

DoughTracker is an app designed to keep track of your expenses. DoughTracker allows you to text 769-206-976 to create an account and add transactions. The web app itself also facilitates these actions and also displays your transactions and monthly expenses. The app updates in real time as transactions are added.


DoughTracker is built on Meteor.js, a platform based on Node.js that uses websockets to keep client data synced with server data in real time. We used Twilio webhooks in order to create new transactions from text messages. Meteor.js supports MongoDB for storage out of the box. Our entire web stack was hosted on an amazon EC2 instance and can be reached from our domain.

What We Learned

Meteor.js is a client heavy platform. Using Meteor taught us how to work with data from both the server and client side. Although creating client-generated html was quite a pain, the results were really rewarding.

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