The app Word Cloud available on is my inspiration. I want to create some app to visualize text other than word cloud. Then, I planned to visualize text using Doughnut chart Also, I like pretty UIs and Doughnut chart was an opportunity to create something good looking and useful at the same time.

What it does

Doughnut chart visualize Monday boards data. We can visualize text easily based on the frequency of their occurrence in the board using Doughnut chat.

How we built it

I used React on top of SDK. For data visualization, I have used Chart JS.

Challenges we ran into

Visualizing text in such a way that it looks good and readable.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This app provides an alternative way of visualizing text data other than word cloud.

What we learned

Various ways for drawing doughnut chart for text visualization using React.

What's next for Doughnut Chart for Text Visualization

Documentation, more testing and squashing bugs, submission for review and listing on Marketplace.

Built With

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