We began thinking about our own experiences and struggles with personal finance and realized we didn’t learn it in school or from our parents. Because we want the next generation to be more financially literate than us, we landed on the idea of creating an educational application to teach young women, from elementary to high school, on personal finance. Topics we brainstormed included managing finances, setting up a credit card, budgeting, opening a savings or checking account, investing, and other topics we wish we learned at a young age.

After doing some initial research, we found that according to, 12% of girls feel confident about making financial decisions. We wanted to gather information to better empower them to make decisions.

What it does

Dough enables you to learn about personal finance in a gamified environment. There are three pillars for money management: spending money, using money at the bank, and working for money. Dough starts you off with some cash in the bank and some debit money on your account. It alerts you when you’ve made unhealthy financial decisions by giving you tips, such as checking your expense journal for possible overspending or checking external resources. When you make healthy financial decisions, it rewards you with badges. Badges allow you to level up and make more advanced personal finance decisions. We made the user interface aesthetically simple for our target audience (10 - 15 year old girls). With the help of Dough, we want to empower girls from an early age to manage their personal finances, to feel confident, and secure in their independent choices.

How we built it

We first created low-fidelity wireframe sketches to map out the layout and flow of our app. After finalizing our wireframes and figuring out what content/features needed to be prioritized, we moved onto high-fidelity wireframes, which was then made into a clickable prototype using Figma.

After finalizing our prototype in Figma, we moved the design into code by building out the basic function of our game using Flask in a Glitch project, followed by styling the webpage to match our design.

Challenges we ran into

  • Trying to code out the function of deducting and increasing a monetary balance
  • Executing our idea with limited coding experience in a short time frame
  • We spent a lot of time trying to refine our product idea and user flow, as there were so many components we wanted to include but weren't feasible

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Completing our first hackathon
  • Challenged ourselves to complete a cool project tackling a real user problem
  • Learned a lot in just 38 hours!

What we learned

  • Coding with Flask / Python
  • UX/UI Design & Prototyping with Figma

What's next for Dough

One feature we wanted to include but did not have enough time was to implement our game with the real-time. With this feature, we would be able to display a lot more financial tool, for example accumulated interests.

Another next step for Dough would be to partner our game with parents, teachers, and schools. We hope that this may help educate young girls to be financially literate in a fun and enjoyable approach, and hopefully also help students make better financial decisions.

As girls mature and enter university, we would like to add additional options for girls to start learning about more complex topics on mortgages and car loans. With additional financial responsibility, you can easily enter situations of drowning in debt. We want to help them avoid those pitfalls and to learn to grow money passively. We want them to learn about the stock market, how it works, what options are, how to invest in a business, etc. We want them to learn about other sources of income, such as by becoming influencers, making videos on YouTube, having side hustles, creating a product/company, etc.

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