DoubleTake is a compatibility analyzer that uses breakthrough research ( ) to find your personality doppelganger. It uses linguistic analysis and your Facebook data to find out which of your friends you connect with best. The analysis finds that similarities in speech and writing style often correlate to closer and better relationships.

We were inspired by the success of FiveLabs, a personality predictor that went viral during the summer of 2014. While FiveLabs simply provided a personality profile of you and your friends, we saw an opportunity to conduct a more direct linguistic analysis. We wanted to provide our users with both a useful and entertaining way to visualize their relationships.

Our target user is anyone who wants to find out more about themselves and their friends. This app will make you look twice at your friends, because you may never see them the same way again!

Due to Facebook's long review process regarding permissions, only administrators of DoubleTake can demonstrate the app during this hackathon

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