A sleek, translation chat app for connecting people without a language barrier.


Being fun and creative in coding is something both Chase and Krista find important. They created an API with 2 original translation languages, cleverly named after one another, and implemented 3 others including using emojis, morse code and upside-down! They say their main inspirations were: wanting to learn react-native, wanting to be creative & fun and incorporate APIs.

What it does:

Doublespeak is a chat app where you can create and join chats with your friends and send messages in funny and cryptic languages.

How Was it Built:

It was built using a backend Firebase database to store chat room and message history and users credentials. Firebase allowed for a quick and easy set. The front-end was built using React Native. The reason we chose React Native is it allows for easy development on iOS and Android so doublespeak can be used by more people.

What is Next for Doublespeak:

Chase and Krista would like to incorporate the Google Translate API, which supports 104 different languages, and would like to keep coming up with their own silly and fun languages to translate. They have been pondering the idea of having a game chat room where a bot sends messages where the languages used are cryptic in nature and the user has to crack the code.

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