We didn't really have any idea what we wanted to do when we arrived. After much discussion we decided that a multiscreen game would be a good challenge. After rejecting pong as too simplistic, we decided to make a strategic lane game.

What it does

Combines the users screens into one large game environment.

How we built it

The code is about 90% javascript. Running node.js on the backend allowed us to easily pass data to the client without worrying about types or minor details.

Challenges we ran into

Game mechanic decisions. Where to put the back button etc.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing it. It's actually fun.

What we learned

Abstraction is good. Teamwork relies on communication especially when your programs rely on eachother.

What's next for Double Trouble

An artificial intelligence. More units. Better animations. Easter eggs. Mobile version. Different number of lanes.

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