Double Tap is an integrated application for the Samsung Gear 2 and compatible Samsung mobile device that provides instant, customizable access to both the gear camera and text messaging system.

From our experience with the Gear 2, we found two of the most useful features of the watch are fast access to a camera / video recorder and effortless access to notifications such as text messages and emails. Our Double Tap application is built to facilitate both of these activities. We created an app that provides even faster access to the gear camera, and has the ability to send and respond to text messages with custom messages and GPS location data. To take full advantage of our application, we specifically designed it to be the application opened when you “double press the power key”. Using the gear settings as well as our integrated application, you can customize what happens when the application is started. When the application is started you can have it do any one or combination of the following,

  1. immediately take a picture and send it to your phone
  2. immediately take a 6 second video and send it to your phone
  3. immediately get your GPS location (and closest street address) and send it to a specific contact
  4. immediately send a custom text message to a specific contact

Our most exciting feature is the smart response setting that enables the program to “smartly” switch between multimedia capture and text messaging based upon certain events. For example, you are able to set the Double Tap application to normally capture video, but switch to reply to text messages if you have received a text message within a certain amount of time e.g. 1-2 minutes.

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