Historically we struggle with glare on glossy photos, scrapbook pages, albums and images behind glass. We also have issues with digitizing oversized documents (such as albums and scrapbooks). Combining our SHOTBOX Light Studio and our developmental app DoubleSHOT we solve a HUGE problem in a very simple and fast way.

The SHOTBOX can easily replace scanning using a balanced light environment and smart camera (though any camera including a DSLR or Digital will do). The SHOTBOX can toggle the light source so different glare spots are on two different shots. By importing them in the DoubleSHOT app a simple blend is performed and the Glare is removed, leaving a perfect result.

DoubleSHOT starts a developmental software environment to solve ongoing issues with scanning, both in speed, technology and convenience. It represents other solutions that we are working on including batch processing, physical location solutions and file duplication removal.

We are excited to announce these at Rootstech 2017.

Note: Since you won't have a SHOTBOX in your hands you can use the photos in the image gallery. I am more than happy to get a SHOTBOX in your hands to experiment with. Please reach me at aaron@shotbox.me or 801-602-4673.

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