Double Eye Description: Smart glasses with an ear piece and a motion sensor Smart Cane

Problem: Visually impaired people have difficulty navigating through cities on their own, without assistance or putting themselves at risk. Equipment that is available for these people is very expensive.

Solution: A self learning visual assistance that is fits to your own needs, every “double eye” (Independence Eye) comes with packages that are basic necessities for everyone. We’re developing a piece of wearable technology that comes equipped with a camera for image recognition an an earpiece for the personal assistant, and an optional SmartCane,. It communicates with the user’s phone gps that allows for those that find navigating through cities difficult. For starters software has a “map” specific to your region, so if you need to get somewhere it’ll give directions via the earpiece. And because we are implementing Opencv(Computer Visions API) the camera is also able to detect objects of interest so the person is being dictated where to go based of his surroundings that the camera sees. The power of Computer Vision software allows the apparatus to find desired location or object in an easier manner. For example, finding your Uber ride will be easier since every confirmed ride provides you with the license plate of the car picking you up. A well trained model can easily “read” an incoming cars license plate, and the Personal Assistant will guide you to this specific cars location safely. In addition to all this we plan to embrace & enhance the walking stick by adding proximity sensors to the walking stick to detect incoming objects to reduce the risk of accidents. The camera, personal assistant, and walking stick will all communicate via an app on the user’s phone. Another thing about the Double Eyes is that it can be custom fit for every user. Not every person is visually impaired to the same degree, but because our personal assistant will learn the user’s behaviours & the layouts of one's home & learn where the user goes most frequently, it will be able to optimize its interaction with the user. In today’s age of Big Data, our software can find the faster & safest path toward the user’s destination.

Research: Orcam is expensive

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