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We wanted to demo how keylogger can be used in both good and evil way. Good guy: Analyse the emotions of the user to alert if he/she may need emotional support or consultation
Evil guy: Spy on the user

What it does

Good guy: Carry out real-time analysis of the user's emotions with vaderSentiment's pre-trained model. With this score, we carry out some calculations to measure the positiveness/negativeness emotion of the user. If the score reach the certain, the program will send facebook message to alert the registered recipient.

Evil guy: Check the ip of the computer and make computer share information and record all the key inputs taken in log file

How we built it

Lots of trouble reading and changing the project idea

Challenges we ran into

Rush out of time as we changed the project

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Managed to code something out

What we learned

How keylogger can be implemented

What's next for Double Edge Sword

Convert to exe and implement camera as it somehow had problem when ran with keylogger

Built With

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