AT&T Mobile App Hackathon (Boston) Winner


We sought to create a simple but effective social media tool for the millennial generation. It is pretty common for someone to utilize Yik Yak and other forms of social media to communicate that there is a really great house party or a bar event. Unfortunately, not only is that a lot of information to sift through, the person making the claims can also not be held accountable. With "Double Down," vouching for a place also requires you to physically be at that location. Users are given one vote to use a day, so the act of choosing where to double down is a pretty important one. Then, the data from the many users is aggregated to give people information in a timely, efficient, and convenient way. With a simple UI, we are looking to decrease the amount of screen time users have and get them out of the house and going to the best spot of the night.

What it does

The interface provides you with your current location (latitude & longitude as well as reverse geo-located physical address) and a button to "Double Down." By pressing the button (only once per day), the information of the user's location is sent to a server that runs the analytics. When the requirements are met, a trigger is sent to the Twitterbot that publishes a message to its followers about the resulting information.

How we built it

We have built a mostly functional Android app through Android Studio using the Google Play Services API (specifically the Google Maps API). We used Tweepy to construct our automated Twitterbot that publishes our messages to our "Double Down" Twitter account. In connecting the front-end to the back-end, we used a series of databases and query forms (Psycopg2, postgresql, etc.).

What's in Store

We're hoping to continue building on the usability of the UI and to integrate into the other platforms (iOS and Windows). One of the most important factors in expanding the application is to increase the user base so that there is enough data to make meaningful deductions. We're excited for "Double Down" to become the next big thing.

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