How long it takes to taxi in big airports. How bad are the consequences foe environment and economy. And one more, that's not us who like lines!

What it does

Increases the flow of the aircraft in the airport, improves productivity by adding an underground floor which is achievable by designed elevator.

How I built it

Estimated the aircraft flow, defined the speed needed. Knowing the forces done strength and stress analysis. Calculated geometry and design of the elevator, made a prototype, tested and proven that calculations are correct.

Challenges I ran into

Not many motor models that size are on the market.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

1) The experiment with testing screw on the tensile machine shows result which is close to the theoretical calculations. 2) The scale model can imitate elevator motion.

What I learned

Way to calculate Acme threads stresses. Airport optimization issues.

What's next for Double-DeckPort

Automatization and enlargement. Make steps to built airport of future- efficient, safe and environmental friendly.

Built With

  • autocad
  • calculation
  • machining
  • mathcad
  • testing
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