• Games such as Mafia, Deceipt, Taboo, Jackbox, Pictionary

What it does

  • Double Cross is a web-based game platform where half the game is presented and the rest is done by the players themselves
  • One individual is texted a special word. This person is the double agent but no one knows who they are. The double agent wants to blend in with the other civilians while also try to prevent them from guessing the word.
  • One lucky individual is hired to be the operative, and will receive a call on their phone containing the keyword. It is their job to get the other players to guess the word correctly. But here's the catch: the operative cannot say the keyword out loud. The players must go through three stages of mini-games to guess the word.
  • If the double agent succeeds and the players cannot guess the word, there is one final round where they can guess the identity of the double agent.
  • If this succeeds, the double agent loses and everyone else wins
  • If all of these fail, the double agent wins

How I built it

  • This project utilizes ASP.NET Web application for the core interfacing with a cshtml/html/css/javascript frontend and csharp backend
  • Visual studio was the main IDE , though Atom was also used to build the early html, javascript, and css

Challenges we ran into

  • Getting Twillo to call a random user's phone with a custom mp3 file attached
  • Getting Twillo to message a user based on the phone numbers entered in the game
  • Setting up web sever & publishing website on aws ec2 apache server

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Figuring out the Twillo API
  • Having a working title by the end of the Hackathon

What we learned

  • Twillo API integration

What's next for Double Cross

  • Redesign of the layout
  • Voice acting for the phone calls
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