We made our game based on the story of the concentration camp in Auschwitz. In this place thousands of people were killed, only a few people managed to escape, but they experienced post traumatic stress disorder.

What it does

It is a 3d puzzle in which you have to find keys that unlock doors. By unlocking the doors inside you get access to the final key which will set you free.

How we built it

The game was built using Unreal Engine 4.21. The scripts were created using blueprints and the assets were created using Blender and Mixamo.

Challenges we ran into

Our project crashed while trying to export. Some of our work was lost and we had to remake it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Implementing the animations for the skeleton and synchronizing the sound for each one.

What we learned

We learned new ways for modeling 3d objects and new ways for implementing the code.

What's next for Double A #Game

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