It always takes so much time to looking for a place to stay when traveling to somewhere. If there is an app can reduce the time and filter all other disqualified options, it will save a lot of time.

What it does

A python application takes user inputs as preferences, scraping data from different websites that contain hotels info and store it into mysql to analyse. After sorting and analyzing in mysql, return the url that contains the most suitable hotel info

How I built it

Used Selenium library to run webdriver to scrape data from website, used mysql to parse data in

Challenges I ran into

Having problems connecting Google cloud server and hard to set google app engine environment right

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It worked! I designed by myself and got it finished by myself

What I learned

I've learned how to scrape data from website with xpath and learned how to use sql to analyse incoming data got to know Google cloud App Engine and Python web Application with Django

What's next for DotsPlanner

  1. move local sql server to google cloud sql
  2. migrate python application to Google App Engine
  3. Add more website's data into compare
  4. Add planner for air tickets and car rentals
  5. Add more preference

Built With

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