I subscribe to the idea that many of the crises the world faces can be alleviated with a more robust education for our youth. I also love building web apps.

What it does

DotPractica provides students tools to make sense of what they're being tested on by always being able to break it down into more fundamental nodes of information, or Dots. This also enables educators to analyze how their students learn, as well as how educators themselves are teaching the curriculum.

How I built it

DotPractica was built with my favorite Javascript UI library, React!.. and only React (see challenges)

Challenges I ran into

Things went awry with deploying an Express application onto Heroku. Luckily, React's useful state and props features allowed me to create a functional demo. (Sponsor me Facebook.)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It always feels good building something innovative.

What I learned

Heroku is nice to you if you only use React.

What's next for DotPractica

We have an abundance of plans to scale! Check out our website and keep in touch to follow our progress here.

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