Inspired by my great Grandma whom I could not communicate with due to my being unable to speak Spanish.

What it does

It is an artificial intelligent bot that monitors and informs the aging population company and translates from English to Spanish. Invites seniors to activities, relays information, lists menu and more, uses social media as well.

How I built it

doesn't matter.

Challenges I ran into.

Finding people to work with.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of.

Sold 104 units so far.

What I learned.

Leadership is lonely

What's next for DotBox

Focusing on better comprehensive solutions. Team building.

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Victor Martinez posted an update

if you go to Twitter and #nursinghomeDotBox testing testing Victor testing.(this is nonessential communication that posts to social media) concurrently, make sure the test employee has their phone or computer open to this page and this page will speak the test notification. Example of inviting residents to coffee hour with Tina and 7pm tonight. An administrator can also push these live notifications in four different languages. updated video of the app working

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