Dota2 is a game of numbers and for us, the players, tracking data from our games allows us to get better at playing. But wouldn't it be fun to have the same experience by tracking our favorite streamer amazing plays and compete against other viewers?

What it does

ThrowDown is a stat tracker that allows viewers to compete against each other. Viewers get a total of 6 different relics for every dota2 hero and gain points as their streamer makes amazing plays. The relics give points for every Kill, Assist, Triple Kill, Rampage, Time and Win the streamer gets by playing the selected hero. The better the plays are from the streamer, the more points the viewers who own the relics get as they climb the leaderboard to be top 10.

Viewers can also support their favorite streamer by cheering with Twitch Bits every time a play happens.

Challenges we ran into

Collecting in-game data while streaming was our biggest challenge. This data is the foundation of the entire extension and without it, we wouldn't have a product.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are super proud that we were able to create a platform that tracks all data from the game and is able to convert it into points. Tracking the data was our biggest challenge, and when we got the solution it was really a gratifying moment. We are super proud of our end result and how cohesive the extension looks.

What's next for DotaThrowdown

We plan to add more features to the extension. Now that we have this data tracker that its capable of collecting data and translating it to points we believe that the next steps would be to incorporate a prediction system that allows players to have predictions for every game of dota2 and win more points. We also think that the foundation of this extension is very strong and can be translated into other games, allowing viewers to have the same experience on different games.

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