JIRA has an action menu that allows you to do any action in JIRA just by typing '.' and the action. I wanted the same for Confluence.

In our company //SEIBERT/MEDIA GmbH we do a 24h hackathon twice a year. This project was made within the last hackathon from 27th July 4pm to 28th July 4pm. So this plugin was made within 24h.

What it does

With a growing Confluence there start to be more and more add ons in once instance. As an administrator or also as a developer you sometimes have to switch a lot between all the administrative screens that your Confluence offers. But it can take time to locate the link to the targeted action. So why not just get there by typing?!

  • Available to system admins and confluence admins
  • Type '.' to open a menu with all administrative actions
  • Keep typing the name of your target action screen
  • Navigate through a list of actions matching the name
  • Type Enter to go to the action
  • Make your configuration and goto the next action by typing '.'

What's next for Dot Menu for Confluence

Access to more actions even for normal users inside Confluence like move a page, jump to a special space administration, move a certain page to another space and reorder the pages without being on the page itself, etc..

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