Challenges faced by the supply chain industry are very serious which leads to a loss of $1.46 Trillion annually. The solutions present are not capable enough to address the situation in an efficient way. Following the all the buzz words, we ended up learning blockchain and thought it was the best fit to address such a serious problem.

What it does

Dot-Dot allows organizations to perform tracking in a very fun and efficient way. Each organization can create a mission by inputing some of data like the start location, the end location, number of markers(can be collected as token) they want and the item ids. After creating a mission, we track the location(using address in blockchain) using a fun AR game. Game allows us to track the location and also tells us if there was any deviation from it using the tokens collected. Since we also have item ids which we are hashing in particular order, the receiver can use the concept of Merkle root to verify whether these are the same items that were shipped.

1 ) Avoid deviation from source to destination 2) Tracking items in each mission 3) incentivize or enforce users to be in right place and right location

How we built it

We decided to build the application as an Augmented reality application to be able to show useful information in real time. We mapped dots to non-fungible tokens (Ethereum). Also this enabled us to use the camera to record image to support tokens representing the markers. We used gps for location related functionalities. We save images on IPFS and save the hash along with the token.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge was time management. Since the time was restricted and the product involved a lot of components it was a bit of challenge managing it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We could use blockchain in a AR application.

What's next for dot-dot

We are yet to implement the Merkle Root and scanning the item ID’s. This will make sure that the item which was received by the receiver is what is actually shipped by the shipper.

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