• Re-purposed schrader valve interface to bike pump for pressurization
  • Large PVC pressure vessel for air storage, rated to 20 PSI (plenty for such a large air volume)
  • Two high-flow brass solenoid valves: one to a small auxiliary tank that allows for repeated firings, and the second to fire the cannon itself.
  • Interchangeable cannon barrels supporting Dots and Peanut M&Ms


  • 2-axis stepper-motor aiming system supporting the cannon barrel
  • Laser cut acrylic design facilitating direct pan drive and linear tilt drive

Electronics and software:

  • Nvidia Jetson running OpenCV for face tracking, distance reckoning and active estimation of positional error
  • Arduino with stepper drivers for interfacing with gimbal and solenoid valves

Built With

  • nvidia-jetson
  • bike-pump
  • solenoid-valves
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