Clay is neutral hardware infrastructure for the web3, catered to the 99% of users yet to be onboarded. It's a physical device (your clay) running in your home or office that runs server-side software for contributing to web3 platforms, putting your wealth to work, and increasing your self-sovereign identity security.


As web 3 protocols and platforms mature, many of them require hardware decentralization—things like FOAM and location-based oracle networks—and some (most?) decentralized protocols would prefer to have true hardware decentralization. Instead of having every individual project make connections to consumers, Clay functions as the primary touch-point between consumers and the jobs they want done—imagine if every app had to ship their own iPhone!

What it does

We've combined identity, social, and payments into an app-level interface (ala WeChat), letting individual services plug into the existing data models without having to re-invent their own. Our hierarchical keygen is key to providing a great experience—by using a simple structure of hierarchically generated keys and standardized permissions, services can be casually integrated with each other (or isolated to their own keyspace).

At the end of the day, the user memorizes nothing and uses the social layer to shard root keys between trusted friends. To see more about our hierarchical keygen, check out dot_keygen.


dotbox is the control plane for the personal server — it runs an IoT friendly kubernetes distro called k3s and uses helm charts to install services.

dot is the Flutter mobile app for managing identity and clay services. It's mostly just a pretty mockup at this point.

local-mobile-foam a clay service that finds staked POIs near you so that you can receive notifications about low-friction ways to contribute to the FOAM map. By sending background location data to your Clay, we preserve a bit more of your privacy. Check the README for more details on this service.

iexec-worker is a clay service that simply runs an iexec worker using idle compute on your Clay. Installation and configuration is a single-step process due to the clay-native wallet and permissions scheme.

dot_keygen is the hierarchical keygen for deriving wallets within the dot identity protocol.

What's Next

Next up we're continuing to build out the Clay MVP and validate the thesis about distributed personal hardware. We look forward to integration other services like Compound, CDP Saver, Cosmos SDK chains, IPFS shared libraries, and more.

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