While discussing potential ideas, a common theme our team of 20-year old females faced was forgetting to take our birth control or antibiotics for treating UTIs. After conducting some research, we realized the number of dispensed prescriptions from pharmacies grew by a substantial 35% from 453 million prescriptions in 2008 to 700 million in 2018. Some of the negative effects associated with forgetting to take prescribed medication were failed treatment, withdrawal effects, antibiotic resistance, and more. If a young team of 20-year old females had difficulty remembering to take their prescriptions, imagine the number of individuals who were also doing the same thing, with potentially more detrimental effects.

Our solution? Dose.

What it does

Dose enables you to track your daily intake of necessary vitamins and prescriptions with the help of Hue, a virtual assistant whose digital health relies on how consistent you are with taking medications. Through Dose, you can set personalized reminders for each of your prescribed medicines or supplements and stay accountable with keeping yourself, and Hue on a path to better health. Currently, modern pill reminder applications lack the incentive for users to constantly check into the app, while the user interface may be overly complicated for some demographics to use and understand. With the help of Hue, a character who relies on the responsibility of the user to consistently take their medicine, forgetting crucial medications on which your life depends on, is an occurrence of the past.

How we built it

We started off with low-fidelity wireframe sketches for the entire flow of the app. After several revisions of iterating content and flow for each wireframe, we created a high-fidelity version which was also made into a working prototype through Adobe XD. (Additional programs for design enhancement: Photoshop + Procreate)

Challenges we ran into

  • Completing an ambitious application with no coding experience under 24 hours
  • Lack of coding and app creation experience
  • Coming up with an initial feasible idea

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Completing our first hackathon
  • Presenting an idea that solves a unique real-life problem
  • Having the app work in itself, leading to all the pages and activities that we wanted to

What's next for Dose

  • Invite family, friends, or a healthcare provider to access user progress
  • Character gauges user health with questions relating to the medication’s effects and symptoms
  • Compiled data analytics to sell
  • Integration with Apple Watch, Health App
  • Adding animations to our character

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