To reduce the gps inaccuracy and help the blind travel places. Using our technology , the blind don't need to remember the steps involved in travelling to a particular location as our app guides them in terms of the number of steps before each turn

How it works

We use a unique algorithm to reduce the error rate of gps from plus or minus 30ms to the order of a few centimeters to make stepwise navigation possible. We use inbuilt libraries in android to calculate the number of steps . We specify by audio to the blind person , the steps he has before a turn. The blind person uses audio to let the app know his destination

Challenges I ran into

It was challenging to combine the step counter libraries of android with the google maps

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It feels good that my app will be able to help the blind

What I learned

handling google maps api , handling android libraries

What's next for Dos

We would like to publish a paper on our algorithm and would like to improve our accuracy

Built With

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