DormSource is a crowd sourced delivery service that is based around campus life. It addresses two issues that we see on college campuses, these being students that are short on money, and students that need food or groceries. The basic idea behind DormSource is this: students log into our service through Venmo, one student inputs what food they would like, and another delivers the food to them. The food requested can either be from either a restaurant, or a grocery store. This request is then sent to a request page on our website which is able to be viewed by other users of this service. There is a five dollar fee for the student who requests food to pay the deliverer, such as there would be when ordering from a restaurant and taking into account the delivery fee and tip. On the other end of the process is a deliverer. This can be anyone that wants to make a few dollars quickly without the commitment of an actual job. The deliverer can view all of the requests on the request page, accept one of the requests which is then removed from the page, and make the delivery for the person that requested the food. Both the person who requested the food and the deliverer are given a four digit PIN. When the deliverer gets to the person who requested the food, they exchange PINs, put them into the website, and then the transfer of money is made through Venmo securely. The reason for the PINs is so we can make sure that no one tries to rip off someone else. We store all information, both the requests made on the website, as well as the user information from Venmo in Firebase. Using both Venmo, and our own PIN system, we provide a convenient service for both parties, while making sure that everything goes as smooth and secure as possible.

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