Our group came up with the idea of DormIO, while thinking about systems on campus that were out of date and required some modern day innovation. One specific system that we all thought of was the gold card system on campus. In our current system all someone needs to make purchases with your Retriever Dollars, meal swipes, and flex dollars, is your card. However, in a time were bioinformatics are becoming more prevalent in all aspects of our lives, such as the Face ID or fingerprint scanners to get into our phones and iPhones, or the higher end eye sensor security sensors we use to enter high security areas, shouldn't what belongs to us also be linked to our biology and not a easily lost or stolen yellow card? So we decided to innovate one of the components of the gold cards function to a finger print scanner interfaced with Amazon Alexa, in order to make living in a dorm more secure and more student friendly.

What it does

DormIO allows the student to be able to do a couple of different features they haven't been able to do before. First off now with DormIO you no longer have to worry about actually getting up and walking across your dorm to unlock the door for your guest, because now Alexa will let you know when you have a guest, and who they are. All that's left for you to do is ask Alexa to unlock the door or not unlock the door. The Second task DormIO performs is by allowing the residence of the dorm to be able to unlock the door with a simple voice command and a thumb print, instead of searching around in their bags, pockets, or purses, to find their gold card.This key to your dorm is a lot more difficult to lose than a thin card, and way harder to forget somewhere. And finally, the last thing that DormIO can do is allow ResLife administration to add and remove the residence of a room at the beginning and end of the semester or year.

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

*Time *Hardware *Experience

Accomplishments that we're proud of

*Created the code to recognize and analyze finger prints *Skillfully utilized finger print bioinformatics to create and access control system *Successfully set up and design the front end of an Alexa Skill *Designing a stylish logo to represent our project *Created a marketable product *Completing a polished webpage and presentation to display our project

What we learned

*How to use amazon infrastructure to create the front and back end for an Alexa Skill. *How to effectively delegate a workload among a small team. *How to interface a Arduino with the Amazon Infrastructure. *How to use HTML CSS to make a presentable, interactive, and visually appealing website.

What's next for DormIO

What's next for DormIO is to add more needed capabilities to our project. Because of time constraints there were a lot of awesome additions to our idea that we would love to see in the future. Such as, integrating smartphones and wearable electronics into the guest entrance request feature of the system so you can know who enters your dorm wile you're away, and who tries to come in when nobody is around. We would also like to utilize the camera on the Amazon Echo Show in order for you to see who was at your door or who is at you're door from your phone as well.

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