I was inspired to create this project by my own struggles before going to college. I was very excited to be moving out and wanted to buy all the decorations I could, but I had no idea how big any of them could be and I had no idea what my room would even look like. I thought it would be so great if there was a place where previous students posted pictures of their dorm rooms so that future students could get an idea what to be prepared for.

What it does

DormDecs is like Zillow and Seat Geek all in one. It's a community where current students can submit pictures and information about their dorm rooms and future students can get an idea of the space they're working with when it comes to decking out their dorm room.

How I built it

I decided to use WordPress since I had used this website builder before and was very familiar with how it worked and its options for using HTML code in its page creators instead of just visual text editors.

Challenges I ran into

I at first wanted to make my own domain instead of having a website domain hosted by WordPress, but I soon discovered that, in order to transfer a domain name or point to a pre existing one, many website editors require that the domain be active for 60 or more days before doing so.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of the user interface I made. I am very interested in working with design and user interface but I haven't actually done much with it before this project, where I had complete control over how everything would look.

What I learned

I learned that creating this sort of database type of website takes a lot more work than even imaginable. It is pretty amazing how websites like Seat Geek and Zillow are able to get enough users to provide data to make a resourceful site.

What's next for DormDecs

Hopefully, the first next step would be obtaining an original domain name. After that, would be getting more and more people to fill out submission forms for more rooms to uploaded to the site. And after that, getting the word out to other universities to begin to have a whole network of dorm rooms.

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