I've never really liked the experience of going to Supercuts or Cost Cutters. Five years ago I bought my own clippers and started cutting my own hair. After testing out the idea of cutting hair on Carleton students I found that there is a demand for high quality, affordable and convenient haircuts. I think it would be awesome if everyone could get 5 star experience for $10-$15.

How it works

Dormcuts is currently an iOS application that allows students to connect with barbers serving their school. The user downloads the app then proceeds by selecting a style, barber, and date. An experienced barber then shows up at the users door and provides the client with a awesome haircut. We're currently working on a Android application and web application (meaning we just started).

Challenges I ran into

I ran into a few bugs that I couldn't get past for a few hours. Creating the login was also quite tedious. UITableViewCell !!!!!)(#$!(@#!@.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Created a prototype of my dream app. Still have a lot of work to do but I am very happy I was finally able to get my ideas to the code. One percent of proceeds and all tips from Dormcuts are going to be donated to cancer research.

What I learned

I learned a whole ton about Swift, optionals and debugging.

What's next for Dormcuts

I'd really like to continue to grow the business. I am excited about making the app for other platforms (web and Android). Dormcuts is just barely breaking even but it would be great if we could become a sustainable, profitable and socially responsible business.

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