Prior to the COVID - 19 outbreak, we have been visiting dormitories and engaging with them, for example, giving them handmade soap, teaching them how to play frisbee and learning how to play cricket with them. Unfortunately, we only heard of their living condition but was unable to see their room condition due to privacy reasons. Thus, it came as a shock when we saw all these problems such as a dirty corridor littered with leftover food and cramped living conditions. There is an alarming number of foreign workers living in dormitories who contracted the virus.

Why we did DorMap

We believe that the standard of dormitories can be maintained if the occupants can give anonymous feedback and the dormitory operators can look into it as they will receive timely feedback and reviews. We can encourage volunteers to participate post COVID-19 too. NGOs can have a coordinated effort to work with dormitories that need donations and volunteers.

What DorMap does

*DorMap operates a website with user-generated content and allows comparison of dormitories. It shows location, vacancy, occupancy, facilities, reviews and ratings of the dormitories. It also offers voluntary opportunities and donation drives. *

How I built it

We build a prototype using Wix.

Challenges I ran into

We are unable to reach out to the migrant workers and the dormitory operators due to circuit breaker. We need feedback from them to know their views on DorMap. We can only come up with a prototype. We would like to know who can we approach in MOM regarding DorMap. We hope that the organizer of this hackathon will consider our idea despite our age.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We won an Impact Prize from Startup Weekend Singapore 2020.

What I learned

It takes a lot of perseverance and we will face rejection as we are underaged.

What's next for DorMap

We have already written to COVID-19 Migrant Support Coalition and waiting for their reply. We have applied to IMDA COVID-19 and Beyond Innovation for Social Good and pending outcome. We hope Govtech or relevant government agencies will build the website with our input. Our aim is to have it run and partner with dormitory operators, MOM, and NGOs.

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