Trying to sell your dorm supplies is a long and stressful process, especially near the end of the year when many students are graduating and are trying to get rid of their stuff. It's easy to get lost, either as a buyer or a seller, in the sea of people both seeking out supplies and selling.

What it does

Our app enables people to list their dorm and school supplies, such as used furniture, laptops, and stationery, and allow the dynamic nature of supply and demand to automatically set prices to be competitive with related items for sale. Our app connects these sellers to students looking to buy supplies, and allows these buyers to automate the buying process by seeking out the best deal for their given budget.

How we built it

We used Nasdaq's Markets Everywhere API to handle transactions and set prices for assets in item markets. Our web app was built with Django 2.1.

Challenges we ran into

Because the API is in pre-alpha, we ran into many issues related to querying the API for specific information and dealing with low response rates. The documentation was also inaccurate at points, so we had to work with Nasdaq's engineers to figure out the root of our problems and find workarounds that were viable within the time limit of the hackathon and the Markets Everywhere framework.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a working prototype! We are really proud of this concept, as we thought of it the day of the hackathon. Finishing the ideation, planning, and implementation phases within 24 hours while using an API that was still in pre-alpha was a huge challenge.

What we learned

We learned a lot about web development (two of our members had no prior experience), and about how supply and demand markets worked, thanks to the mentorship of Nasdaq.

What's next for Dorm Market

We need to work with Nasdaq to inform them of bugs that we found during development so that we can implement more features that are dependent on the full functionality of the API.

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