I was inspired to make the DorA bot because I saw an email that said "Build a serverless AWS bot for slack." And I'm all like, "Yes, that sounds fun."

What it does

The DorA bot does a simple search against wikipedia and pulls out the wikitext birth_date and death_date fields. Then it horribly parses that information into good information to send back. All of this without comments in the code to slow it down.

How I built it

Mostly I just threw my cat at my keyboard and deleted the things that did not make sense. Also, followed the tutorial on github, that helped a lot.

Challenges I ran into

People on wikipedia aren't great on keeping consistent with their data.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It actually works, I mean, wow, who would of thought that.

What I learned

The oldest person alive as of this writing is 116.

What's next for DorA Bot

Not much, other than winning awards and this competition.

Built With

  • aws-api-gateway
  • aws-lambda
  • blood-&-sweat
  • slack
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