We’ve all heard at least once in our life that each human being has 7 clones, that it to say seven look-alikes who live somewhere on Earth. But has anyone ever tried to verify this claim?

What it does

We built a web app that allows its users to find their clones around the world and get to meet them!

How I built it

We utilized the image recognition API provided by Clarifai, wrote code in Python, HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and we used Jinja2 as a framework for HTML templates and Flask as a web framework for creating the web app.

The challenge that we encountered

During the process of making the project, we have encountered several problems such as: getting the APIs and the face recognition to work correctly, laying our the UI design, miscommunication and probably...sleeplessness! However, the power of team work has helped us complete this project!

Our accomplishments

This is our first hackathon! At first, we thought the idea of face recognition may be too overwhelming to do in 2 days. We have finished the project!

What we have learned

We doesn't only create a really cool app that is pretty unique and useful but we only learn a lot from the hackathon: teamwork, communication, project management, design, function and languages!

What's next

We are planning to add a login feature connected to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+ so that anyone around the world can use our website and that we respect privacy guidelines. After creating this project successfully, we are looking forward to collaborate again to create new ideas and make more unique products!

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