We were inspired to create Dopify to bring more humor into language and show the world that it's okay to have fun with the latest technologies available.

What it does

It takes your normal speech and turns it into a more dope phrase :)

How we built it and challenges we ran into

We started out building a custom Python API wrapper for Microsoft's Speech API that would enable us to recognize speech from audio. We completed that successfully in the command line, then we went to create a web application with a front-end interface using Javascript and Flask. However, we ran into routing and variable problems with Flask and after half a day of debugging, we decided to cut our losses and quickly change strategy and use Javascript instead of Python. That way we would have a Javascript web application instead. Fortunately there were some built in libraries for Javascript that allowed us to quickly build a user interface with microphone access and have the spoken word be transcribed. In the last stretch, we had to integrate the transcription service with the ability to translate those words into slang words. We looked up the top 100 common words in the English language and came up with a custom slang translations, some pulled from Urban Dictionary. Then we had to write that in Javascript, which involved identifying the location of the text output so that we could put it through our word matching algorithm to produce a translated phrase.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to make a quick change in strategy to apply

What's next for Dopify

More adventures in NLP, ASR, and artificial intelligence!

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