"For young DJ enthusiasts who want to feel what it's like to rock a club, Dope DJ puts you up on the stage. Using a virtual environment we created with Oculus rift, you get your hands on the turntables and feed off the energy of the crowd.

The team who worked on this is Steve Lyons and Warren Cooper.

We worked in Unity to create the VR world and then we created a mobile app that shows the mood of the audience. We used PubNub to build that mobile app as a realtime experience.

Let me show you the demo. You strap on the headset and suddenly you are on stage with 2 turntables, music popping and a full crowd in front of you.

The game play works by showing the player which turntable you have to touch, at what times. Similar to DDR gameplay for dancing. If the player has the skills and is mixing with the beat then the audience goes from neutral to energized and you can see the reactions of each person on the mobile app. If you're sloppy you lose the crowd. As you get better the music and mixes increase in complexity. In future versions we would like to develop it where you can compete with others and your friends you join in the audience.

So many kids dream of being a DJ but few get the chance. Now with Dope JD they can."

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