There were dividers in the hack-space which inspired us to create an auto-aiming catapult that fires things through said holes.

What it does

as we ran into problems with the catapult, we decided to demonstrate our auto-aiming by pointing a laser at a target.

How we built it

Built was created in the DIY style. Finding components on the spots like coke cans, paper dishes and glue things together with hot glue. For visual recognition, Holly found a pizza box and created a color dot with a tape. we used openCV for the computer vision to track the target and used python to relay those instructions to the Arduino via serial.

Challenges we ran into

Hardware was not behaving as expected. Stepper motors didn't have a lot of power to move the laser and wiring was a pain. we initially wanted to have our catapult release with an electronically controlled electromagnet. we made the magnet, it worked, however, we could not control when it turns on and off with the Arduino Also, the web-cam was not connecting to PC and in the morning when outdoor light came in the building the visual recognition had huge interference.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We solve the challenges and kept a positive vibe throughout the hack.

What we learned

Computer vision with OpenCV. DIY electromagnet building. Davis learned Git Hub for the first time.

What's next for Doot_doot_the_auto_shoot

Create a catapult that shoots automatically.

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