The Inspiration

I wanted to learn SpriteKit, and I wanted to do that by developing a short game over the weekend at HackISU. I set out with two main design guidelines: 1: Any roadblock I encountered, I would learn my way through it instead of finding an easier way. 2: It needed to be a fun, simple game that could be picked up by anyone in under a minute.

How does it work?

You tap the screen to move your character around a circle, attempting to collect (and sometimes avoid) doots.

What are doots? They're small glowing orbs that can either give you a few points(blue doots), give you a lot of points(purple doots), or take away points(red doots).

The Challenges

Not having worked with SpriteKit or similar frameworks before, I knew I was up for quite a challenge. I encountered many difficulties in trying to make this game work. I had no idea how to set up world physics or collision objects, or even how to navigate around Xcode in the SpriteKit context. One of the biggest challenges proved to be the player movement around the screen. I was able to figure out almost everything I wanted to do. I wish I had time to complete one of the modes listed below:

What I hope to do next

Ideally, I would love to add timed modes, as well as a length mode, where you have to add sections to your character (by eating purple doots) until you become a closed ring.

Built With

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