Swift told us how he helped fix his own security system. So we took it one step further and decided to build a whole security system once we heard of how much security systems cost. Then we wanted to create a virtual reality from your doorstep. But then decided we do not have enough time for that. Next we decided to simplify it to just the live feed and being able to see the feed later on.

What it does

Once you press the doorbell it will FaceTime your phone while doing so record the FaceTime and store that .mov on S3

How I built it

First we built the Arduino then we used the Arduino input of the pressing of the button to initiate a FaceTime(Through python.). Then to click the call back button we had to then create an apple script embed the apple script into the python line of code. This wasn't working so we translated the python to the terminal code then embedded the apple script their which worked. Then we had to write in AppleScript to record window which was in the front. Then write in python to send the file to s3 using boto 3.

Challenges I ran into

Embedding apple script in python script, Writing apple script, Building Arduino, Writing code for Arduino, then we had to learn automation through AppleScript. How to skirt boundaries apple puts on products.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Im proud of the fact that it called with the FaceTime, that the doorbell worked, the automation worked, Im proud of how well AppleScript works with python.

What I learned

I learned a lot how to write apple script, how to code programs to use specific functions. How just to learn how to write code you need and find it. I learned how to find whats wrong with your code.

What's next for Doorbell Security System

Use other app for android bigger better camera.

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