Wouldn't you love to know if someone is going through you building, home or office and testing if doors are unlocked? In the building where my office is located, I'm curious to know how many times a week or doors attempted to be open, especially during after hours. We can then contact the building management that their security should be upgraded.

What it does

Attaches to the door and measures when the handle is tested by potential intruder.

How we will build it

There's lots of options in technology and sensors. Gyroscope? Accelerometer? BLE? Zigbee? Wifi? How do you configure and set it up? Does it text, email alert? Let's explore the concept together!


Having enough power to run for an extended period of time. How to easily setup and configure the connection to the cloud with no screen. How to not have false alerts. How to make it easy to attach to any door. The physical engineering on this could be very fun and involve 3D printed parts and attachment mechanisms beyond just the electronics and connectivity.

What's next for Door Doohicky

Not sure! Just looking for a team of people to help me build the first version and we'll take it from there.

Built With

  • ble
  • internet-of-things
  • iot
  • wifi
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