Security and safety in homes

What it does

The door alarm allows a user to track whether a door is opened or closed. By attaching the device to a door and monitoring through the Blynk app, the user will know if the door is open or closed based on the speed and distance of the door.

How we built it

We connected the accelerometer and the ping sensor together to allow the door to be tracked. Through both the acceleration of the door and its position, we notified the Blynk app to turn on an LED symbol.

Challenges we ran into

It was the most challenging to be able to connect both the ping sensor and the accelerometer so that both could properly communicate with the Blynk app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It was a great accomplishment to connect two components together as we had not done something like this in previous labs.

What we learned

We learned that circuitry is a fine balance of both hardware and software; if one doesn't work, the whole system wont execute properly.

What's next for Door alarm

In the future, we could add additional features (adding another sensor) or create a version that is smaller so that it could be more attachable to the door.

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