Every year the occurrences of natural disasters have been increasing steadily and the number of people affected are in the two hundred millions range each year. We firmly believe that the negative impacts of these disasters can be improved if people did more planning ahead of time. We often get asked whether or not we have an emergency preparedness kit. However, we always think that a natural disaster is probably far in the future and it is not a priority to prepare now. In reality, some disasters are non-predictable and can occur at any time.

We want to motivate users through playing this fun game to remember to buy the appropriate items for their emergency preparedness kit on their next shopping trip. We especially want to target users who are living in areas with frequent natural disasters. We also want to target users who are unsure about what items to put in their kit and those who want to inspire those around them to be more prepared.

Our Game & Instructions: Our game was created using Unity, C# and the Kinect sensor. Dooms Day Shopping is a game that takes the player into a shopping aisle filled with a variety of items. Some are useful for emergencies such as water and non-perishable food items. There are also other items that perish easily and are not suitable for the kit. Each item is associated with points and a price. Positive points for necessities and negative for items that are should not be included in the kit. The goal is for the user to buy as much necessities as possible in 130 seconds while taking into consideration the amount of money available in the wallet. The player can place an object in their cart by moving their arms and putting it in their cart. They can also remove an item in the cart by moving the object outside of the cart. The wallet and points will be adjusted accordingly.

Future improvements: The items that are needed are different according to which disasters are more likely to occur and the climate. We want to be able to allow the users to play a game that is relevant to their location in their world.

Built With

  • gitlab
  • kinect-v2
  • sourcetree
  • unity
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