We wanted to utilize the full power of mobile and touch-based interaction to create an interesting experience and learn something new along the way. This led us to create Dool of WiCcans.

The mobile game tracks the movement of your finger across the screen to draw magical runes that allow you to cast spells. Use these spells to defeat your opponents.

We used Unity in combination with android libraries to build to an android mobile device. We coded in C# using Visual Studio.

Challenges we ran into

We originally wanted to theme the game around saving the environment from magical disasters caused by an evil wizard, but we ran out of time and only managed to put in the magical showdown.

None of us had worked with android or any mobile development before, so the learning curve was a bit steep and we spent a long time simply figuring out input controls, clear resolution, and how to build to a mobile device.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned a lot about mobile and we created a functioning prototype of an interesting game with a 3 person team in under 24 hours.

What we learned

Building to an android device is not quite as simple as we all believed it to be. Additionally, over-scoping can quickly derail an entire project as seemingly minor issues eat up hours of your development time.

What's next for Dool of WiCcans

When we have the time, we'd love to come back to this and flesh out the environment and theming, add more interesting spells, craft original art, and create an online versus mode against other players.

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