A TreeHacks 2015 Creation by John Sholar, Jack Swigget, and Gabriel Rossman

Our submission was inspired by a game that one of our teammates, Jack Swigget, played as a child.

The game is a simple one - a group divides a photograph into different pieces, and each member attempts to trace or recreate their given section of the image. All players then return their pieces, and the traced picture is reassembled. All players work together to create a semi-faithful remake of the original piece.

For our app, we implemented this game as a dual Android/iOS mobile app. When the app is started, the user has three options.

1) Takes a photo, which is then divided into some number of pieces (for the purposes of this demo, four). This photo is saved to internal memory, and the pieces are sent to the server.

2) Doodle - the user grabs an image fragment from the server queue and traces over it to the best of their ability. The trace is then sent back to the server. When all traces for a given image have been received, the compiled trace is sent back to the user who initially took the photo (and possibly those who participated in its creation).

3) View Photos - a gallery of photos, both taken and traced, unique to each user.

We didn't choose this project because it will change people's lives (it won't). Nor did we choose it because it has the potential to make us lots of money (it doesn't). Jack, Gabriel, and I wanted a fun, manageable project that would allow us to really dive into a wide variety of challenges. We achieved that much.

Labor was divided fairly evenly between the three of us. I (John Sholar) handled Android, Jack tackled iOS, and Gabriel had the enviable job of managing server backend. We found that good division of labor was incredibly helpful, and allowed each of us to dive into our individual component.

I regret to report that my teammates have gone to sleep, and thus I do not have access to their devices, which we were using for debugging. I regret to inform you that we cannot provide images for the image gallery at this time. To satisfy requirements, I have included my graduation picture. Additionally, they have not created accounts on this site, and thus could not be credited below. The deadline approaches!

As of this writing, the Android and iOS components of the project are entirely complete. Some contact with the server has been established, but this interface remains buggy, and as such we cannot display a completed project at this time. However, we do intent to continue working on the project after the conclusion of TreeHacks.

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