I thought it would be cool to create a program where I could make pictures just using voice commands. I imagined many possibilities including creating galleries and ways to send the pictures, leading to the name Doodlegram. I aimed the initial version for kids, entering it in the Alexa Kids challenge, but avoided any phone or data collection. I was contacted by Amazon with suggestions that I add ISP elements, and when I saw the ISP competition, I decided to rewrite the code so I could send the pictures by MMS. ISP would allow me to cover the MMS charges.

What I learned

I learned about making Consumable products for Alexa ISP, as I had only done subscriptions before. I also learned about how SVG works and the Amazon version AVG, rewriting the previous code to take advantage of that new addition to the APL. I learned the libraries needed for image conversion in Python, and worked on Layer creation in AWS Lambda so I could keep my code size low enough to keep using the inline editor there.

Built With

  • alexa-presentation-language
  • alexa-skills-kit
  • boto3-library
  • python
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