A collaborative website that allows multiple designers to create and edit projects in real time.

Our Inspiration

Our inspiration came from our personal experiences as creative individuals. We often struggle with the traditional way of dealing with feedback. Particularly, when designing in a team, there is a lot of time sending drafts back and forth. Misunderstanding and miscommunication can easily turn the tide of a project.

Target Audience

Our web app is targeted towards intermediate to professional designers that have clients or are teamwork-based.

Why DoodleDocs

One of the main key features is the ability to collaborate and instantly share feedback with other users. Doodledoc provides a platform for multiple users to edit a project and share, all in real time. It also features powerful tools to give designers and creatives access to unlimited possibilities.

Who are we?

Designers Gloria Ip Paige Kwon

Developers Gino Clement Daniel Nakamura Eric Chee

Built With

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