Students are tired of Blackboard always being inconsistent and having bloated features that no one uses. Lots of freshmen end up confused on how to navigate around blackboard due to it. We decided to make a more simplified version of the site but have the features that are needed by the students and teachers.

What it does

Doodle aims to have the essential features of Blackboard such as submissions and grades. But we also seek to improve students' understanding of their grade with elegant and inspiring visuals through Data Visualization.

How I built it

We split our roles into two teams, one focusing on the data aspect and one focusing on the development aspect. The team environment was very warm and everyone was helping each other out.

Challenges I ran into

It was quite challenging to combine our work together in the end. However, collectively we learned to better integrate team member's skills and improved our team play.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We learned how to implement React-Router to render multiple pages. We are proud of the overall layout of our website. We already like it more than Blackboard.

What I learned

We learned what technologies could be more suitable in the future (e.g: Frameworks, Databases). One of our team members (Zilong Guan) learned how to implement React-Router, which allows a React App to render multiple different pages. One of our team members (Tashi Gurung) is a frequent Data-thon attender and had his first Hackathon today, he has learned of the production sequence in building Web Applications. As a team, we were introduced to a variety of new database technologies. (e.g: Firebase, etc)

What's next for Doodle

We hope to improve the project together by implementing the many features we have in mind. One of our ideas is to add a chat with channels for students to communicate with one another, which is incredibly important to do especially in a time where there is no face-to-face classes. This will greatly enhance their virtual learning experiences as well as expand their networks. We also want to implement the graphs & charts that would help visualize grades to facilitate students and provide them with a better understanding of their performance.

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